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  • Charlie Gellad lit a candle on 12/08/2009:
    "It\'s hard to believe you are not with us, but I am confident that you are in a better place and you & Aline are catching up on old times. I Love You cousin and will always remember you and your fun loving personality."

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  • Rima and Talik Chalabi lit a candle on 12/13/2009:
    "Dear Nagui, may you rest in peace and may your loving family find the strength to bear your loss and the gap you are leaving behind. We will miss your joyful spirit. I have a wonderful memory of our encounter in Dubai in 1997. You were a great support. Talik"

About him



Born: November 21st, 1958

Passed on: December 3rd, 2009



"Que sa mémoire soit éternelle"

       SABA, Nagui        

1958 – 2009 

Les membres de la famille Saba tiennent à remercier les nombreux parents, amis et collègues, qui par leur présence et témoignages de sympathie ont apporté soutien et réconfort lors du décès de Nagui.

                                            "May his memory be eternal" 

SABA, Nagui

1958 – 2009 

The Saba family wishes to express its sincere appreciation to all relatives and friends for their kind expressions of sympathy and support after the demise of Nagui.


The following was written by Patrick Gabriel Saba. It was also read at the funeral in front of the gathering of family and friends:


Nagui Saba... What a powerful name.  One that meant something, something important to so many people. As I stand here today, surrounded by his friends and family, I come to realize how great of a name Nagui Saba truly is.  However, a name does not become known, respected, loved and missed so just overnight. It takes hard work, power, strength and perseverance. It takes charisma, character, elegance and grace. It takes a love for people and a way with words to achieve the Nagui Saba status. Nagui Saba is not just the name of a man who kept his traditions and values. Nagui Saba is not just the name of a man who traveled and lived halfway across the world for none other than his family. Nagui Saba is the name of a proud Christian who always fought for what he believed in. Nagui Saba is the name of a loving father, devoted husband, good brother, caring son, cool uncle and a great friend to all. Nagui Saba is the name of my father and I am extremely proud to be his son, just like I\'m sure, each and every one of you is proud to have know him. I just hope that one day, I am able to carry on the legacy that is Nagui Saba.

December 14th, 2009